Navigating Entrepreneurship: A Personal Account

 Reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey with ExceedCE, I'm often asked, "What's one piece of advice you would give yourself if you were starting all over again?" It's a question that takes me back to the early days of this venture. 

  Starting anew, I would emphasize the importance of partnerships. Seeking collaborators and allies sooner rather than later would have been my strategic move. It's not a well-known aspect of our story, but ExceedCE began as a side project alongside our consulting, law, and brokerage practices. In hindsight, diving into partnerships earlier could have accelerated our growth, rather than juggling multiple responsibilities for a period. 

  As a firm believer in focus, I've come to realize the significance of concentrated attention for success. Focusing on ExceedCE full-time in the last two years has proven instrumental in its expansion. The journey from part-time to full-time commitment has undoubtedly shaped the trajectory of our growth. 

  Looking ahead, I envision ExceedCE reaching new heights in the next 12 months. Currently operating in 10 states, my goal is to expand our presence to 25 states. Building on two strong partnerships, I aim to establish at least five robust collaborations by the end of next year, surpassing even my ambitious expectations. 

  When asked for entrepreneurial tips, my thoughts echo advice passed down from my mother – a guiding force throughout my career. Her words, emphasizing the essence of hard work, respect, leadership, and focus, have resonated with me. The tangible reminder in my workspace, a metal holder engraved with "never give up," serves as a constant inspiration, reinforcing the resilience needed in entrepreneurship. 

  On my days off, you'll likely find me practicing martial arts – a pursuit tied to my belief in continual improvement. The martial arts journey mirrors the entrepreneurial path, where each achievement opens doors to new learning experiences. The commitment to self-improvement is a constant quest, even on leisure days. The journey of entrepreneurship is a dynamic one, filled with lessons and growth. 

- Patricia Lynn

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