Navigating Entrepreneurship: A Personal Account

  Reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey with ExceedCE , I'm often asked, "What's one piece of advice you would give yourself if you were starting all over again?" It's a question that takes me back to the early days of this venture.     Starting anew, I would emphasize the importance of partnerships. Seeking collaborators and allies sooner rather than later would have been my strategic move. It's not a well-known aspect of our story, but ExceedCE began as a side project alongside our consulting, law, and brokerage practices. In hindsight, diving into partnerships earlier could have accelerated our growth, rather than juggling multiple responsibilities for a period.     As a firm believer in focus, I've come to realize the significance of concentrated attention for success. Focusing on ExceedCE full-time in the last two years has proven instrumental in its expansion. The journey from part-time to full-time commitment has undoubtedly shaped the traj

ExceedCE: Revolutionizing Real Estate Education

               ExceedCE is an online real estate continuing education platform with a little bit of a twist. Originating from a realization that real estate agents desired more than just mandatory courses, ExceedCE emerged as a beacon of personalized and enriching education.              ExceedCE has been up and running about four years. We've been full speed ahead for about the last year or so. Awhile back we sent a survey out to about a hundred thousand people. The responses we got said continuing education is necessary for us, but we'd really pay more and be more interested, if we learned something too. Therefore, as lifelong educators, learners, and real estate practitioners, my business partner and I decided that we would start a company that brought our personal experience to our education courses. That’s what makes ExceedCE different and is our value proposition.    We have a fun tagline and it was born out of the survey that we put out to our potential markets: Rene