ExceedCE: Revolutionizing Real Estate Education


           ExceedCE is an online real estate continuing education platform with a little bit of a twist. Originating from a realization that real estate agents desired more than just mandatory courses, ExceedCE emerged as a beacon of personalized and enriching education.  

        ExceedCE has been up and running about four years. We've been full speed ahead for about the last year or so. Awhile back we sent a survey out to about a hundred thousand people. The responses we got said continuing education is necessary for us, but we'd really pay more and be more interested, if we learned something too. Therefore, as lifelong educators, learners, and real estate practitioners, my business partner and I decided that we would start a company that brought our personal experience to our education courses. That’s what makes ExceedCE different and is our value proposition.  

We have a fun tagline and it was born out of the survey that we put out to our potential markets: Renew You License, Renew Yourself. We work hard to uphold the value proposition: you're investing time in renewing your license, so why not gain something valuable? Our aim is to provide insights and a fresh perspective that will prove useful in enhancing your business, generating income, and better serving your clients. 

Our ideal client is two-fold. We were designing courses for our first ideal customer, which was the real estate agent who needed their courses renewed. We found out along the way that even pre -COVID and lockdown, there were a lot of companies, agencies, and organizations that had content that they wanted to provide online. What evolved was our ability to make a company’s personal content available to their customers. Our other ideal customer is the partner that we provide access to their content on our self -paced online platform. 

An example of an ideal partner is Abe Lee Seminars. Abe Lee is a wonderful real estate practitioner and educator on Oahu, Hawaii. We reached out to him a year and a half ago, understanding that the Hawaiian real estate license renewal period is up at the end of November. We suggested that we might take some of Abe Lee’s content that he offers live and on Zoom and make that available to our customers on a self -paced basis as well. We formed a partnership. I got to fly over to Hawaii for 48 hours and meet Abe and kick the partnership off. It’s the best of both of our worlds: Abe's wonderful knowledge and reputation and content, and then our online platform. Mahalo Nui Loa to our Hawaiian partners and customers. 

Another example is Washington Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) in Washington state. They're an organization of 4 ,500 commercial agents and they know that they can come to us to complete all of the course requirements. It's new, great content. CBA has a great content team that is video taping these modules. I'm proud of them. 

My favorite part about what I do is that I'm able to infuse my own creativity. My mother is an artist and in the real estate business, we have a chance to be creative in our deal structures. However, I like the ability and opportunity to meet people, listen carefully, find out what they need, and then use my creativity to create content and develop content that might be helpful to them. 

- Patricia Lynn

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